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From our verified customers

Could not have asked for a more trustworthy and caring sitter! She paid each of our furry family members plenty of attention and were exercised, fed, and administered any medications without a hitch. Very communicative, lots of photos. She also watched over and respected our home while we were away, leaving us at ease. Her dog, Lucky, got along great with the other dogs and the cat, and I’m sure they loved the extra little playmate. Will absolutely be using Karen again in the future!  

Jillian T.

Karen loved my dog so much, and I know my pup had the same feeling based on their snuggle photos and all the happy messages I got from her. Hands down recommend Karen. Don’t think twice. She is lovely and that shows in the way she cared for my boy. She was active just as my dog needed and took him running at the beach and bluffs. I could not have felt more at ease knowing that he was under her loving care.

Jennifer P.

Karen is wonderfully kind, professional, communicative and helpful. She did an incredible job watching our little fur babies and checking in on our home while we were out of town... we cannot thank her enough! Highly recommend her services.

Cassandra R.

Karen is a very tolerant and loving house/dog sitter. I hadn’t taken a vacation in a year because no one would work with my dog because she’s a little difficult on a leash. Once I found Karen I was so grateful!!Mars is very much a one on one dog but her dog lucky and she got on great!

Kimberly O

Karen is fabulous. Super attuned to my dogs who adore her. One had a health issue from before I left and Karen could not have been better about giving medicine and going way out of her way to take care of her.

Mary Lee M

Karen was a dream! Highly, highly communicative and thoughtful and gave our kitties lots of love and attention during her visit and sent us photos so we could have peace of mind during our vacation! Would hire every time!

Meghan G.

Karen is amazing. 10/10. My cat loves her and she goes above and beyond. 

Tanja G.

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Sunshine loved her walk with Karen today! Karen took her to the beach, even washed her off and now she is getting ready to take her nap. Thank you so much Karen!

Deborah S.

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Karen came out to our home in the Valley and met our 3 dogs, 1 cat and they loved her immediately. She bought her dog Lucky along with her and normally my big dogs don't like little dogs but Lucky can hold his own and they liked that. I felt like they were a great fit to watch our clan, when we got home we walked into a beautiful clean home and even the dog bed were washed and clean. Everyone looked happy and healthy! I would for sure contact her again.

Deborah S. (repeat customer)

Karen is the best. She has stayed at my home twice for a period of 5 to 6 days . She is playful, attentive, caring and will follow through with whatever instructions you tell her. You can rely on her and trust her to treat your home with care and your pup with love.

Denise L.

Karen is probably my most trusted person and immediate go to when I know we are heading out of town. We have left anywhere from 1 -15 days and we feel completely content leaving our critters at home with her. When we get home it always feels warm and welcoming. Our pets are of course happy to see us but when Karen walks in the door to visit or take Sunshine for a walk, she can barely contain her excitement...thats always a great sign

Cala W.

My two dogs and cat are family to me and I can leave them knowing they are in the best care. We have used Karen multiple times and my animals love her!

Cara G.

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