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Dog Running

About Us

At Lucky's Pet Care, we put our love for pets and their owners into all that we do.

Lucky’s Dog Care was inspired by loving and understanding of how important it is for dog owners to know their furry companions will be cared for in their own home where they are most happy and most at ease.


When dogs and cats are at home they seem to know that the time away from their owners is temporary, whereas when they are taken out of their home they immediately feel anxiety and stress.



About Karen


I am a devoted animal lover and have an affinity with dogs in particular!  A couple of years ago my children made a comment to me, which was “Mom, wherever you go you attract dogs!”  I guess dogs know that I care about them deeply and relate to them.  As a dog owner myself, I also relate to having to leave them and as much as we would like to have them accompany us on trips, it is sometimes not possible.


Having my own business for 20 years I have travelled many times without my dogs and two years ago I decided to start a new business in addition to my existing one.  Suggested by my children and Inspired by Lucky, my youngest son’s dog who has adopted me while my son is away at college, I created an account with Rover and started taking care of dogs.


Being a minister, it comes naturally to me to be of service to others and I naturally love being of service in this way…taking care of dogs and providing the loving care they deserve while their owners are away.


About Lucky


Lucky seems to love his role as companion and communicator!  He’s with me wherever I go and is a very loyal companion.  Lucky is a rescue dog and he has his own story.  We adopted him 8 years ago at the age of 1.  He was picked up walking along Haley Street.   I was very close with our lab, Hope who passed probably a couple of months prior to Lucky being born.  When Hope left his body I remember telling him he will be with me everywhere I go.  A year later Lucky turns up!  We have been inseparable and after watching the beautiful movie ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ I feel Hope made his way back to our family.




About Dogs


Dogs are naturally empathic and as I’m sure you know, being a dog lover, they give as much love as they like to receive.  They seem to feel our every emotion and they help us to keep ‘in check’ with them!  They naturally want to bring us joy and they thrive in a happy and relaxed environment.  That’s where Lucky and I come in!  We temporarily fill that gap while you are away!  We take them for walks, play with them and provide a loving, caring, relaxed environment in their own home.  I’m sure Lucky let’s them know that we are stepping in for a while to take care of them until you come home.  Every dog we have met has immediately been comfortable having us in their home when we do a meet and greet and I’m sure that’s when the communication happens with the dogs.  Lucky lets them know we will be staying temporarily to take care of them while you’re away and they are immediately at ease.  There is a mutual trust and respect that takes place and from that moment on it’s ‘Ease & Grace’.

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